Friday, April 11, 2014


I haven't got around to taking many new photos lately, but I am going into Detroit this weekend, so I will have new ones to share next week.  I did however sell a few of my older pieces at my school's art exhibit, called ArtFest, last week.  It was very exciting for me, as it was my first time selling any of my work for profit.  I am also excited because my school's newspaper, The Tower, will have an article about me and my photography in it next week.  I hope to have more opportunities to exhibit my work in the future, and am once again grateful to the 20 Time project for inspiring me to take my photos of Detroit in the first place.  I've also been displaying my work by posting it on Instagram, which has been a useful tool in sharing my work with friends and family.  I've also been thinking a lot about what my 20 Time speech should be about, and so far I'm considering making the importance of embracing and educating yourself about other cultures the main idea.  I think it's very important for people to not live in a bubble, and focus on their own culture and community.  In order to better understand the world around us, we need to learn more about it through traveling or through something we love, such as photography.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Photoshop Experiments

Although I haven't had a lot of opportunities to take new pictures recently, I have been spending a lot of time experimenting with different photoshop programs.  I hope that I will be able to use these programs in order to improve or manipulate my photographs, as I have been trying to do. I have also been spending time developing and preparing a few of my photos for ArtFest, which is when my school will be displaying student artwork to be judged and sold.  Many of the photos that I will display in ArtFest are pictures that I have taken specifically for this project, so I am glad that this project has given me the opportunity to take different kinds of pictures outside of my photography class.  Below I will include a few of the photos that I have been experimenting with on photoshop - some of them simply have a change of filter or a colour boost.

 A woman shopping at Eastern Market - (colour boost filter, etc.)
 Stuffed animal at the Heidelberg Project - (colour boost filter, etc.)
 Clock hanging outside at the Heidelberg Project - (geometric effect, blackened colour, etc.)
 My younger sister - (pixelated effect, colour effect, black and white, etc.)
A portrait of my younger sister 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Project Reflection

The thing I like the most about the 20 Time project is the fact that it has encouraged and allowed me to accomplish things that I didn't realize I was capable of, and never would have dreamed of doing on my own.  I have already learned a lot from the project so far, and am continuing to set new goals along the way.  The only thing I dislike about the 20 Time project is the frequency of the blog post due dates, as I feel that I don't always have new things to share every week, and new occurrences don't necessarily happen in time for every Monday.  If I could change anything I would simply make blog posts due possibly every other week, or maybe just on any day of every week, as I feel that a more flexible due date would be easier to work with.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Old Man - Revised Edition

After visiting the DIA for the Scholastics Art Awards ceremony, I realized that the other photographs that won awards often appeared to use photoshop or other forms of editing.  Afterwards, I decided to experiment with some photo editing as well, and ended up doing some contrast and sharpness boosting on the Old Man picture I had taken earlier.  The rise in contrast has really deepened the many lines in the man's face, and I think it has improved the photo a lot.  I plan to continue doing edits such as this one on other pictures I take, as well as trying out other photoshop software.  I have downloaded Lightroom, a photoshop program, and am excited to try it out on the photos I have taken and will take.

Eastern Market Pictures - February

 A woman shopping at the market
 A woman selling flowers
 The butcher
 A pig's head at the butcher's stall
 A woman selling French pastries
An old station wagon 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Although I haven't taken any new photos for my project this month, I entered a few of the other ones in the Scholastics Art Awards, and found out last week that I won three awards for the three different portraits I took at Eastern Market in the fall.  Later this month I get to go to the DIA for the awards ceremony, and my three pieces will be displayed there until the end of March.  I hope to go back to Eastern Market at least once this month, and maybe back to Finney high school. Also last week, I found an article in the newspaper for a photography tour around Detroit, which my Dad and I plan to sign up for.  I think that this will be an amazing opportunity, as it will allow for me to visit new parts of the city, as well as improve the safety of the expedition (safety in numbers). I will include the three winning portraits below, which specifically won a silver key and two honourable mentions.

 Eastern Market Man - Honourable Mention
 The Old Man - Silver Key
Rudy - Honourable Mention

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Graffiti and Murals

In the fall I viewed blogs of a few photographers that take pictures around Detroit, and was interested by one in particular who had a lot of photographs of some of the murals around the city.  Luckily the photographer had an address for each picture that he took, and as quite a few of the locations were nearby I wrote down the addresses and had my father take me to photograph them.  It was easy to stumble across artwork that we hadn't originally intended on finding, as many buildings in Detroit are covered in them.  It seemed to me that many of the graffiti and murals covering the sides of abandoned buildings added a much needed vibrance and life to otherwise gloomy structures.  I think that the artwork is truly a greater expression of the city's culture rather than the overgrown lots and ramshackle structures that they are located on.  Oftentimes you must search for some of the best artwork, as not all of these dynamic murals are in the most obvious or visible places - you have to really explore the city.  I took these photos in late fall, before the first snowfall, and have included five of them below.
 Artwork on a garage door, near a parking lot in a Detroit neighbourhood
 Two contrasting artworks on an abandoned building
 A smaller part of a larger mural on the side of a building 
 A vibrant mural covering the walls of a building on the outskirts of Detroit
Many examples of different graffiti on a single building