Monday, March 3, 2014

Project Reflection

The thing I like the most about the 20 Time project is the fact that it has encouraged and allowed me to accomplish things that I didn't realize I was capable of, and never would have dreamed of doing on my own.  I have already learned a lot from the project so far, and am continuing to set new goals along the way.  The only thing I dislike about the 20 Time project is the frequency of the blog post due dates, as I feel that I don't always have new things to share every week, and new occurrences don't necessarily happen in time for every Monday.  If I could change anything I would simply make blog posts due possibly every other week, or maybe just on any day of every week, as I feel that a more flexible due date would be easier to work with.


  1. Hi Lucy,

    I have been particularly taken by your 20 Time project. I'm fascinated by the history of Detroit, and your photos, especially of the high school, are quite incredible. I know you're to reflect on 20 Time every other week now, and I do hope that maybe you share a photo in each reflection? Might give you more to write about if you're stuck :)

  2. Hi Lucy,
    I'm a student at Eaton Rapids High School and my teacher, Mr. Smith has introduced us to the idea of 20 time, and the blog posts of you and your classmates. When we were first introduced to the idea of 20 time he told us to skim through the blogs your teacher posted to get inspiration. I was extremely impressed by the pictures you took of the city and people. The first time I looked at your blog was around December, and I have to say, every time my teacher asks us to look at blogs I always seem to find myself on your blog. He walked by just a few minuets ago and said that he believes you won a contest of sorts, and had your pictures posted in Detriot. If this is true, I'm not surprised at all! Your pictures are fantastic. Anyway, keep up the good work, and please don't stop posting pictures! I really like looking at your blog and seeing new photos, and posts.